hi! im niku, the creator of this lil site. over here is the about me page where you can learn more about me!!

(if you came here from twitter, scroll down for my BYF and DNI stuff)

my pronouns are they/them or he/him!

i am gay/MLM

enjoy your stay!

i currently live in texas, ive lived here my whole life. ive been a "bedroom musician" for about 3 or 4 years now..? (ive been making music for as long as i can remember, but it was only garbage midi edits or things i created in sony vegas back in the YTP era of the internet. i didnt take it seriously until late 2017.

ive mainly been producing in a genre known as BREAKCORE along with its subgenres MASHCORE, DANCECORE, and SPEEDCORE.

i go under tons of aliases for my musical work (coughcough renard copy coughcough) everyone on NiKUTRAX (unless listed as an actual seperate person with a link to their account) is me! it may not seem like it at first, but just to clarify, yes, thats me :)

aside from all those hardcore genres, i also make music in other genres such as trance, (neotrance, psytrance, trancecore) hardwave, IDM, experimental, (mostly as ALPHAxDELTA or NX.) ambient, drone, noise music, lofi, as [DATABNDR]. aside from that, i occasionally make chiptune, rave, happy hardcore, raggacore, etc.

aside from this, my other hobbies include drawing/art, game development, building websites, streaming, etc!

heres some things to get to know me better.
rhythm games, bemani games mostly
nintendo games, love em
furries, but wasn't that obvious from the start?
roblox, ive been playing it since 2010!
undertale/deltarune is amazing
nintendo console hacking
the mario galaxy series. its been a hyperfixation of mine for as long as i can remember.
the wii/gamecube era
virtual self/porter robinson
^ specifically virtual self, i know so much lore and information about the alias, its crazy. it became one of my biggest hyperfixations.
pokemon is nice
im running out of things to put here uhhhhh
i have ADD (adhd without the h) please be patient with me!
i have tourettes, so if your looking to vc, please excuse my tics! i cant help them.
if your following my twitter, just know @nikuthewolf is a personal account! i ramble on and on with that account.
if your trying to follow @nikualt, please first be one of my mutuals! i only allow people im close with and trust on that account.
some of my videos/edits may contain flashing images. there will be warnings on posts like that though!