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how this project was created:

hello! its niku here, otherwise known as DATABNDR on the album! i created this album purely using microphone feedback, noise, loops,
and sounds ive recorded with my mic, and just messed it up using fx. (lots of guitar rig)
if you cant tell already, this album is inspired by pure staircase by deuteronomy (otherwise known as emma essex) and
based on porter robinsons upcoming album, nuture.
im not a big fan of lo-fi hiphop, but ive somehow morphed it into something new and slightly different? its more of "experimental lo-fi"
for some tracks, mainly each track is just an ambient soundscape.
i have had so much fun making this album, and i hope you can enjoy it! be sure to listen in a dark room, preferably with the
lights off, and be in a comfortable area (such as your bed) and close your eyes and let the audio
make visualizations in your mind.

i appreciate your interest in this project, stay safe, lots of love, etc.
<3 niku